Climate Change Gets a Reality Check

Last week’s historic election in Britain, which saw the conservative Tories deal the Labour Party their worst defeat in 40 years, is also notable in what did not play a role in the outcome: climate change. Higher fuel prices, the threat of new carbon taxes, and a range of other costly “green” initiatives have sent politicians of both parties scrambling to change their tune on the environment.

We might just look back on May Day 2008 as the moment when the power of green politics peaked and went into reverse. . . .

David Cameron [the new Tory Prime Minister], the wind in his sails after the elections, held a prime ministerial press conference in which he set out his priorities for government. Significantly, the words “environment” and “climate change” did not appear in his 1,200-word statement.

I suspect we’ll see the same retreat here in the States — especially if Al Gore’s inconvenient truth continues to take beatings like this.


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