Spinning the Cooling Globe

The evidence continues to accumulate that our planet, rather than warming, is undergoing a slight cooling. Of course, those who have a vested interest in promoting the global warming agenda are not going to give it up so easily. Marc Sheppard looks at the efforts of some to twist the global cooling data into another global warming story. Sheppard concludes:

It remains an alarmist imperative to disassociate falling global temperatures and speculation of a possible impending “little ice age” with the yellow dwarf star we orbit in general and the late start of Solar Cycle 24 specifically. For indeed, if we are moving into another solar minimum cycle and global temperatures continue to plummet while atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise, attendance at Al Gore’s Scare-Story-Slide-Shows would quickly drop to close friends and family only. And with boat loads of very bad wealth-redistribution “climate change” legislation to pass in coming the years, a sympathetically alarmed press and populace remain essential during that time.

So what better way to buy time than to cloud the obvious solar connection by sacrificing their argument against a less threatening naturally occurring force? And then attributing that force to occasional periods of cooling by collectively admitting to its mitigating impact upon AGW forces? Especially when this little gambit allows them to continue reaping the benefits – for years to come – of the lie that an unchecked anthropogenic greenhouse gas effect threatens to literally destroy us all.


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