Fox News Legitimized

It wasn’t too long ago that the Democratic presidential candidates avoided Fox News like the plague. They boycotted debates on Fox, and generally shunned appearances on the network. The reason? Fox News is perceived to be tainted by conservative bias, unlike the rest of the media, which is so objective and balanced (hey, I don’t make this stuff up).

Now that Obama and Hillary are pulling out all the stops in their quest for the nomination, they have to deal with reality — Fox News is the most popular news network by far. If the candidates really want to reach the common people, they have to go on Fox News. So within the last week, both Hillary and Obama have given lengthy interviews with the network’s anchors. And the ratings went through the roof.

Of course, the lunatic fringe of the Democratic base is going ballistic, accusing the candidates of selling out to the evil conservatives. But the new legitimacy of Fox News among the candidates reveals a disturbing truth for the Democratic Party:

The Democratic leaders’ new openness to Fox reflects the liberal left’s diminishing power, at least at this point in the political cycle. Once feared by the Democratic candidates, these activists are now viewed at least in part as an impediment to winning the broad swatch of support needed to clinch the nomination.

For all their bluster, the radical left of the Democratic Party does not represent mainstream America. The candidates know, even if their leftist base does not, that they must distance themselves from the left, and go to where the average voters are, if they hope to have a chance in November.


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