Biofuels: A Greenie Boondoggle

Steve Milloy argues that the recent push to develop biofuels from food stocks is a lose-lose-lose proposition. The fuel-from-food has not reduced our dependence on foreign oil, it has not reduced carbon emissions (and according to some research, may even make it worse), and is driving up the cost of basic foods, which severely impacts the poorest inhabitants of the planet.

In the meantime, of course, the greenies are doing everything they can to restrict our access to cheaper, more dependable sources of energy, such as coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and wind.

Millions in the developing world have died and continue to do so from the greens’ campaign against pesticides such as DDT. Nothing less should be expected from their new campaign that threatens global food and energy production.

UPDATE: One U. N. official calls the hunger crisis “a silent tsunami,” and specifically calls out the biofuel craze for blame. Furthermore,

The World Health Organization views hunger as the No. 1 threat to public health around the world, responsible for a third of child deaths and 10 percent of all disease.

Hmmm. And all this time, I thought global warming was our greatest challenge.


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