The Future of Automotive Technology

. . . Is very small, as in tiny.

Two new cars are redefining the meaning of “compact.” The Smart Fortwo is already selling like hotcakes here in the U.S. And Volkswagon is developing its new Up! vehicle, which it hopes will match the sales phenomenon of the early Beetle. Both of these vehicles are reported to get gas mileage in excess of 70 mph.

Can you envision yourself tooling around town in one of these?

Smart Fortwo

UPDATE (4/22/08):  But not every Smart car is a little toy. My son just returned from a business trip to Germany, where he snapped this pic of a Smart car that is much more manly.


2 responses to “The Future of Automotive Technology

  1. Nothing wrong with small cars although can not see myself in one until everyone is in them.

  2. Only problem is my wife and three kids, they wont fit. sniff sniff no 70 mpg for me : (

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