Microsoft’s Vista Problem

Microsoft’s release last year of its new Vista operating system has been a disappointment for many users. Early adopters encountered annoying problems with their upgrades. Consequently, many current users of XP (including me) are quite happy with the status quo and have no desire to upgrade.

Now comes a report from industry analyst Gartner Group that Microsoft could be facing deeper problems if it doesn’t get its flagship product straightened out.

A new analysis from Gartner warns . . . that Windows is on the verge of collapse under its own weight and that if it doesn’t do something quickly it is a matter of inevitability that a more able competitor will eventually dethrone it.

Fortunately for Microsoft, Linux and Apple are not ready to go head-to-head against Windows — yet. But that could change.


One response to “Microsoft’s Vista Problem

  1. Apple is too locked in and Steve Jobs is too much of a control freak.

    Linux is farther along than many think. Just needs some more commercial applications for the desktop and its ready. Linux already rules the server market so…………

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