What Happens When Science Mixes with Politics

The mad push to convert a large segment of the North American grain market into biofuels is encountering the law of unintended consequences: Poor people elsewhere are starving.

Convinced that global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels is the Number One problem of our age, governments have adopted policies that reward growing crops for ethanol production, rather than for food. The markets have responded accordingly, and now the poorer nations of the world are struggling to find food for their people.

Whatever the arguments, politics is intruding. Food export controls have been imposed by Russia, China, India, Vietnam, Argentina, and Serbia. We are disturbingly close to a chain reaction that could shatter our assumptions about food security. . . .

The world intelligentsia has been asleep at the wheel. While we rage over global warming, global hunger has swept in under the radar screen.

Bjorn Lomborg is right: Whatever the science surrounding climate change, this planet has a lot bigger problems to worry about than global warming. The politicization of the climate debate is now costing lives.

UPDATE: Simon Jenkins in The Guardian notes, “Until recently, most greenery has seemed no more than a feelgood parlour game. Now it is getting serious.”

The marketplace is never perfect, but in this matter it could not be worse than government action. Playing these games has so far made a few people very rich at the cost of the taxpayer. Now the cost is in famine and starvation. This is no longer a game.


One response to “What Happens When Science Mixes with Politics

  1. Hi
    Nothing was overlooked. Starvation is part of the UN plan for depopulation. If you haven’t read Agenda 21, read it.
    Can be found at top of my blog.
    Global warming is a setup by the UN. It’s a fraud.
    They tried the same stunt in 1972.
    Read the quotes from agenda 21.
    The UN and the greens are playing the planet and the people like puppets.
    They create the crisis and then offer to fix the problem.
    All you have to do is follow them. Of course you will have to give up your rights in the process.
    The UN is the most evil institution on the planet.
    Run by inbred elitists.

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