The Wright Strategy

Michael Barone quotes an earlier piece from Steve Sailer suggesting a curious strategy on the part of Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright: Wright is deliberating sabotaging Obama’s campaign, in order to buttress his black racist message.

I bet that Wright doesn’t want Obama to win—that would disprove his whole world view that whites will never give a black man an even break. He wants Obama to go down in flames to prove he was right, and he wants to be the torch. Just as the conventional wisdom has become that white racism cost Michael Dukakis the Presidency in 1988 over Willie Horton, he wants to go down in history in conjunction with the next myth—that white racism cost Obama the Presidency or Vice-Presidency over Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

Makes sense to me. And the fact that Obama still refuses to disassociate himself from this racist hate-monger proves that Obama is either too dumb to figure out what his “friend” is doing to him, or he shares his pastor’s twisted view of America. Either way, this whole episode has not been good for Obama’s campaign.

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson thinks Obama’s recent speech trying to explain all this was not a master stroke, as the elite media is trying to spin it, but the final nail in his campaign’s demise.

Even elites will wake up to the fact that they’ve been had, in a sense, once they deconstruct the speech carefully and fathom that their utopian candidate just may have managed to destroy what was once a near-certain Democratic sweep in the fall. And a number of African-Americans will come to resent that they are being lumped into a majority akin to the Rev. Wright, millions of whom the majestic Sen. Obama has nobly chosen not to “disown,” despite their apparently similar embarrassing racialism.


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