“We’re Owed and They Aren’t”

Via Rush’s show today:

Ed Kaitz has a superb piece in the American Thinker comparing the plights of two different minority groups in America: Blacks and Asians. Specifically, he points to the experiences of these two groups in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster and its aftermath. While black leadership was moaning and complaining about the poor government response, the Vietnamese quietly went about rebuilding their lives.

The success of Asians in American culture and the continued struggle of blacks is due less to racism and more to a difference in mindset. In the words of a black friend with whom Kaitz discussed this issue, it’s an attitude of “we’re owed and they aren’t.”

I may be just another one of Obama’s “typical white persons,” but this analysis goes a long way toward explaining why so many whites have a hard time maintaining sympathy for the plight of blacks in America. This is America — where anyone can succeed if they’re willing to accept responsibility for their actions, work hard, and pass that ethos on to their children.  Continual whining about racism — especially after all the extraordinary efforts that white Americans have gone through to overcome that evil — is beginning to get a little old.

The Asians understand that. Blacks (at least their leaders) don’t.


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