Rumblings on the Left?

I recently linked to an article by playwright David Mamet explaining why he is no longer a “brain-dead liberal.” Mamet gave a refreshing glimpse into the mind of someone whose liberal background could not cope with the harsh light of reality. His own experiences, coupled with an open mind, eventually led him to embrace conservative-libertarian principles.

Daniel Henninger (Wall Street Journal) read the Mamet piece, too, and has been waiting for the firestorm to erupt from Mamet’s former liberal friends in Hollywood and the media. But the chattering classes have been strangely silent about his defection. Henninger wonders: What’s going on?

He offers two reasons for the silence:

First, the Left is too busy consuming itself in the struggle between Obama and Hillary, and all the bad blood this street fight is spilling. This internecine battle is exposing the dark underbelly of the liberal Democratic machine, and it’s not pretty.

Second, the spirit of the times can be summed up in the word autonomy. The spirit of the modern liberal Left is Big Brother control. Mamet eventually woke up to the basic contradiction between liberalism’s fawning talk of “freedom” and their strategic dependence upon government coercion.

Perhaps, Henninger wonders, Mamet’s friends are quiet because they, too, are beginning to question the foundation of their world-view. Perhaps Mamet has given voice to a growing unease among the Left that the Government may not always be the answer.


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