What Did Obama Know, and When Did He Know It?

Obama is in deep trouble over his close association with — and admiration for — his pastor at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. This “man of God” has been preaching a fiery message of black supremecy and anti-American hatred for years, yet Obama swears he knew nothing about it.

But there’s just too much public history here for Obama to wiggle out of this one. Tom Maguire (JustOneMinute) has compiled the evidence for a long and close relationship with this radical, a relationship that has deeply influenced the kind of person Obama is today.

It is hardly as if this is the church Obama’s parents selected and he inherited. He sought out Wright, was moved by Wright, and is now pretending he had no idea Wright said these things.

Obama is desperately trying to distance himself from his pastor, but it’s going to be a tough sell. His best option now is to plead the only defense that most ordinary Americans can sympathize with: He must have slept through all those sermons.


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