Better Late Than Never

Conservatives are pleased to be joined — finally — by a lot of liberals who have finally had enough of the Clintons. We’ll resist the temptation to say, “I told you so.”

What conservatives saw in the Clintons wasn’t based on any remarkable and hard-to-discern insights. After all, the Clintons’ character problems were not being hidden from public view; they were, in fact, out there for all to see, often flashing in bright neon lights. Yet people like Chait were, for political and ideological reasons, blinded to the ruthlessness and corruption of the Clinton Machine. Now that the Clintons are using their tactics on an inspiring liberal figure like Barack Obama, the scales are suddenly falling from their eyes. We are now seeing the zeal of the recent converts in action.

However, I harbor no illusions that they will not be equally blinded by the next liberal darling, be it Obama or whoever.


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