Climate Conference Wrap-Up

Of the several treatments I’ve read of last week’s International Conference on Climate Change, the summary by Marc Sheppard is probably the best. In his opinion, this conference was a great compilation of the factual errors driving the popular approach to the global warming issue.

They’re wrong on the science. They’re wrong on the solutions. And, implementing their wrong solutions will impede freedom, retard growth and, ultimately, destroy economies. All while changing global mean temperatures not one single degree.

I harbor no fantasies that this conference will turn the tide. But hopefully it will help prolong the debate long enough that others will begin to question the underlying assumptions.


2 responses to “Climate Conference Wrap-Up

  1. Funnily enough, before the conference adjourned, all the scientists present were asked to come forward for a group picture. 19 people came forward.

  2. The fact that only 19 people came forward for a photo does not mean that only 19 scientists were at the conference. Andrew Revkin reported this in the NYT, but see his follow-up comment at

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