Vaclav Klaus at the ICCC

President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic gave a breakfast speech this morning on Day 3 of the International Conference on Climate Change in NYC. He got a standing ovation from the crowd with lines like this:

We have to restart the discussion about the very nature of government and about the relationship between the individual and society. Now it concerns the whole of mankind, not just the citizens of one particular country. To discuss this means to look at the canonically structured theoretical discussions about socialism (or communism) and to learn the uncompromising lessons from the inevitable collapse of communism 18 years ago. It is not about climatology. It is about freedom. This should be the main message from our conference.

Klaus, by the way, is not a typical politician. He is an economist from a country that has learned the hard way about the danger of turning over economies to government control.

Jennifer Marohasy continues to provide daily reports (and photos) on her blog, including a summary of Day 2 activities. William Biggs provides a wrap-up of Day 3 activities.

As expected, I see virtually nothing from the mainstream media about this conference.

UPDATE: Guess I wasn’t looking hard enough. Ronald Bailey has posted detailed summaries of each day’s proceedings (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).

John Tierney at the NYT has written a fairly balanced overview of the major premise of the conference:

I’m glad to see contrarians raising awkward questions and pointing out weaknesses in predictions made with computer models.

Finally, Tierney’s colleague, Andrew Revkin, analyzes the “Manhattan Declaration” that came out of the Conference.


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