Sincerely, Hillary

Clive Cook pegs Hillary’s campaign struggles on her smarmy attempts to be appear sincere.

Mrs Clinton tries hard to fake sincerity – so hard it is painful to watch. Sometimes, in fact, I suspect that she really is sincere and only looks as though she is faking. Barack Obama, on the other hand, may actually be sincere – and if he is not, he fakes it so well it makes no difference. Elections are won and lost for many reasons, but if I had to point to just one in the present case, this would be it.

Stretch this behavior out over the course of the campaign, and voters can’t figure out which Hillary they’re supposed to vote for.

She has veered from one false personality to another, often during the course of a single debate or interview. One moment she would be acting tough, the next warm; now aloof, now approachable; now a fun person, fond of a joke (that was the worst), now stern and serious. In every moment of repose came that scary rictus smile, to emphasize the lack of authenticity and remind one irresistibly of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

For some of us, this revelation is merely stating the obvious. Hillary has always played the crowds like a fiddle. It’s just taken some folks a little longer to wise up to her game.


One response to “Sincerely, Hillary

  1. amen! her tone has changed so many times thru out this campaigne…no way to hillary

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