Political Sloganeering, 2008 Style

Christopher Hitchens examines the hopelessly juvenile slogans that the candidates are tossing about with such reckless abandon in this campaign.

Pretty soon, we should be able to get electoral politics down to a basic newspeak that contains perhaps 10 keywords: Dream, Fear, Hope, New, People, We, Change, America, Future, Together. Fishing exclusively from this tiny and stagnant pool of stock expressions, it ought to be possible to drive all thinking people away from the arena and leave matters in the gnarled but capable hands of the professional wordsmiths and manipulators.

He’s waiting for one of the campaign media mavens to finally string them all together into this work of linguistic art: “We the People Together Dream of and Hope for New Change in America.” Ooohh, that makes my toes tingle, just thinking about it!

Voting this year will be so, like, groovy!


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