2008 ICCC — Opening Day

Australian biologist Jennifer Marohasy is attending the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, held in New York City. She is providing a daily report on activities at her blog.

From Marohasy’s blog:

The keynote speaker was Dr Patrick Michaels. He gave a really interesting address focusing on whether global temperature is still on a warming trend and what is happening at the Arctic and Antarctica concluding that the temperature trend is still one of increase – when ENSO, volcanoes, solar variability and carbon dioxide are taken into account – but that the warming is not much of a global threat.

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like a bunch of lunatic global warming deniers to me. Sounds more like a scientist trying to follow the evidence. Maybe the oil companies didn’t pay him enough.

On the other hand, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, said that someone ought to sue the peddlers of carbon credits, forcing the science to be arbitrated in a court of law. Only in a such controlled forum, he says, where witnesses are under oath to tell the truth, can the fraud of global warming finally be exposed.

Anthony Watts, another conference attendee (and presenter), is disappointed that Al Gore and NASA scientist James Hansen, both prominent global warming alarmists, declined invitations to present at the conference.

This is not a hostile group here, but one with questions and ideas. I know it is often difficult to face opposing views, but I think the importance attached to the issue calls for statesmen like Gore and leading scientists like Hansen to make an effort to address those who want to look beyond what is seen published in the main stream media.


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