The Cult of Obama

Kathleen Parker explores the sociological underpinnings of the Cult of Obi-Wan Obama. In her view, we are witnessing a narcissistic generation’s search for meaning in a culture that has long ago abandoned spirituality.

In post-Judeo-Christian America, the sports club is the new church. Global warming is the new religion. Vegetarianism is the new sacrament. Hooking up, the new prayer. Talk therapy, the new witnessing. Tattooing and piercing, the new sacred symbols and rituals.

And apparently, Barack Obama is the new messiah.

I suspect by the time this campaign is over, some of the glamor will have faded. But there can be no doubt that the irrational swooning over this man extends far beyond normal political partisanship. It speaks more to the character of our country, than the personality of the man.


3 responses to “The Cult of Obama

  1. This is an intriguing observation of Obamania.

    excellent post…thank you

  2. We jump all over brainless rightwing dittoheads and jeer when they accuse others of hating America. But the sad truth is that there is some legitimacy to their claims.

    There has been a cultural war going on and most Americans don’t know about it. We have gone from “one from many” to a country of various groups with each seeking its own interest. We have lost our idenity and we have lost our way along with our culture and traditions.

    We can’t judge other people according to the teachings of Christianity. There is no concrete right or wrong and everything is relative.

    Of course we now have a literally African American running for the White HOuse. Its all relative and it doesn’t matter which culture or country he belongs to.

    Diveristy and political correctness rule. Most Americans who vaguely have an idea of a hint of the cultural wars know that somehow Christians are involved. Beyond that they have no clue about the other side/sides. They never ask themselves if there is a war and Christians and American traditions are involved who are they at war against?

    85% of the country still claims to be Believers so how can this 85% go to a cultural war if nobody else shows up. You can’t have a war all by yourself.

    But if you mention the fact that Jews fund Hillary and Barack, that Jewish movements have brought about changes in immigration laws that allow immigrants to come to America from places other than Western Europe which certainly affects our culture and traditions, that Jewish liberals have given us political correctness and diversity at the same time they demand that we secure for them an ethnic state even tho we stopped an Aryan nation and such states go against the United States Constitution, then all you get for your efforts is accusations of anti-semitism.

    You are only allowed to attack one side of the cultural wars as tho they are the only ones engaged in a war. The Christians and traditional America are shining targets which are totally fair game. We are even made to think that trashing them is progressive and a wonderful thing. We are evil bigots if we wish to have legal immigration laws or borders.

    What sort of person engages in hate mongering against Christians and our traditions and then draws a line when it comes to criticising or opposing Jews? Is this person retarded? Overwhelmed with Jewish propaganda and the holocult? Just plain stupid?

    Could you tell me Poppy, if America has lost its religion, its culture, its traditions, its identity and its direction, who won the cultural wars? Nobody won but somehow the Christians and America lost???

    What happened to our political parties? As a Christian and a southern person I don’t even feel welcome in my own party any longer. My family have been democrats for as long as anyone can remember. Now you know what I get called at “liberal” internet forums as a slur? “You’re a Christian, get out!” Can you believe it? The party was once the party of the Big Tent but now we can’t even have debates. Everything is settled for us by the moneybags in the party. Remember how they gave al gore the boot and then forced Kerry on us. Whether a liberal or neocon got into the White House our policies in the middle east of helping create a Greater Israel would be the same. Rahm Emanuel is the democrat who chooses party nominees. He is an Israeli. Google his illustrious bio.

    Now neocons are taking over the Republican party. WASPs are no where to be seen or heard in any branch of the government.

    Hillary and Barack fight over Hollywood Jews’ money.

    One would think that the next rising economy, China, would know what to do about the Jews. Are they blind or just stupid too? In the age of the internet and satellite tv there is no excuse for this stupidity. Don’t they read history?

    With all the non Jews in the world and with all the Chinese people on the planet why would the leaders of China make fools of themselves by getting into a snit because Stephen Spillberg refuses to create their opening ceremonies for the Olympics? Can you believe it?

    Get this. Spielberg refuses to help the Chinese because they don’t do something about Darfur.

    Heres an idea Stephen. What if China, the USA and the rest of the world decide to do something about the podunk terrorist engine of the world Israel and help the Palestinian people you hymie assed hypocrite. You have a lot of nerve.

    And if the Chinese are that stupid then they desesrve whatever they get over the next hunderd years as the Jews desend upon their nation because it is the next rising economy.

    Yeah Poppie. The Justice Department sucks. Check out all of Bush’s appointments in every department and see if you notice a pattern.

  3. … unfortunately …

    I have to agree with you.

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