Media Bias?

If you have any doubt about the reality of media bias, a comparison of two stories about congressmen with ethical and legal problems should remove all doubt.  Here are the rules:

  • When a Democratic congressman gets in trouble, hide his party affiliation. Force the reader to guess which party might be tainted.
  • When a Republican congressman gets in trouble, make sure that his party affiliation is the very first word in the article. Leave no doubt that the Republicans are the party of sleaze and corruption.

There was a time when the media could get away with this sort of childishness. They still try, obviously, but people are on to the trick now. The only damage done is to the media’s own credibility.


2 responses to “Media Bias?

  1. Thanks for noting.

    BTW, how do you make it so the link doesn’t appear on the home page but it does in the detailed post?

  2. Hi, Tom. The link to your blog post appears on both the home page and the single post in my browser. Not sure what the problem is.

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