Hillary’s Money Management

The New York Times has published a piece detailing the money management woes of the Hillary campaign. The article quotes Joe Trippi, a former Edwards campaign advisor, on why her campaign is running into money problems.

“The problem is she ran a campaign like they were staying at the Ritz-Carlton,” Mr. Trippi said. “Everything was the best. The most expensive draping at events. The biggest charter. It was like, ‘We’re going to show you how presidential we are by making our events look presidential.’ ” For instance, during the week before the Jan. 19 caucuses in Nevada, the Clinton campaign spent more than $25,000 for rooms at the Bellagio in Las Vegas; nearly $5,000 was spent at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas that week. Some staff members also stayed at Planet Hollywood nearby.

This gives an insight into how Hillary manages money, and that’s interesting in its own right. But it also reveals how she will run the country. Remember, this is the same woman who vowed that she would “take those profits” from the corporations and use the money to ramp up more government programs to help the middle class. Somehow, this story does not inspire confidence that her program to help the middle class wouldn’t be just another wasteful government boondoggle.


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