Will Dems Field the “Dream Ticket”?

Why not have Hillary and Obama share the President / Vice-President slots on the Democratic ticket? It would be a winning combination, right?

Maybe so, but it will never happen, according to Michael Medved.

First, what are the chances of a Clinton-Obama ticket? Nope, no way:

For thirty-five years, she’s been constantly upstaged by a charismatic and attractive male whose oratorical and glad-handing gifts vastly exceed her own. She doesn’t want to spend the eight years of her potential presidency similarly upstaged by another guy, notably younger and thinner than she is, with an electrifying magnetism that easily equals her husband’s.

Well, what about reversing the roles: an Obama-Clinton ticket? Not a chance:

As a prominent part of the previous Clinton administration, she witnessed first hand all the indignities and burdens thrust upon Vice President Al Gore—in fact, she administered some of them herself. Why would she want to open herself to the humiliation of waiting around in a powerless, second-string job in case some disaster befell a conspicuously young and vigorous president?

For Democrats, the “Dream Ticket” will happen only in their dreams.

UPDATE: If Obama and Clinton deadlock in the primaries, the Democratic nomination will come down to the votes of the 796 Super Delegates in the August convention. By rule, these delegates are free to vote their conscience — meaning, they will be subjected to every available bribe, dirty trick, and threat to secure their votes. In which case, Hillary will win, hands down. The Dems are already in a tizzy about this. Look at the bickering that’s already started among Massachusetts Democrats about the role of their Super Delegates.


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