The Truth About Those “Evil Oil Companies”

Tammy Bruce sets the record straight on the record profits earned by ExxonMobil last year. Their profit may have broken a record, but so did the taxes they paid. And who benefits from those profits? The middle-class stock holders, that’s who:

Ironically, many of the people who cheer the Clinton/Obama/Hugo Chavez message of nationalizing companies don’t even realize they’re cheering for the cutoff of checks their parents or grandparents rely on every month; dividend checks from those ‘evil, profit mongering oil companies,’ which in fact are owned by the American people, primarily the middle class and the elderly.

And don’t forget the billions in research and development that the oil companies are spending in an effort to find the energy we all expect to have in abundance, and cheaply.

Someday, after the golden goose is slain, we’ll all wake up and realize how good we had it.


One response to “The Truth About Those “Evil Oil Companies”

  1. Good point. Remember when ExxonMobil spilled oil all over the arctic because they didn’t keep their ships in good shape, and BP made record profits after raising the price of oil because of Hurricane Katrina, or when the price of oil tripled and every quarter it’s at a new record high?

    That was awesome.

    It’s really going to suck if the U.S. ever spends the time and effort to get cheap, renewable energy without negative effects on the environment, I tell you what.

    I read the linked article. I’m not really sure who’s making the “average tax rate of 2.9%,” but maybe you can let me know how to get in on that.

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