“Women and Children First”

That rule of civilized behavior takes on a whole new meaning in the hands of Islamofascists looking for ever more deadly ways to spread their message of misery and mayhem. Oliver North exposes the moral bankruptcy of an ideology that uses women and children as human bombs.

Apparently, al-Qaida is running short of mentally competent volunteers who want to murder fellow Muslims in the process of becoming “martyrs” for Allah.

You would think this barbaric behavior would be greeted with howls of condemnation from Islamic leaders. But other than the government of Iraq, Islam has been strangely silent on this misuse of women and children.

From Damascus, Riyadh, Amman, Ankara and Tehran, there was only silence. No Islamic leader or senior cleric rose to condemn the murder of God’s most vulnerable creatures, whom mankind is entrusted to protect.

Those in our nation who argue that no culture is superior to another are living in a fool’s dream, and had better wake up before this evil lands on their doorstep.


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