2008 International Conference on Climate Change

Sounds impressive, huh? Like the Bali Conference last fall, no doubt.

Unfortunately, this is one climate conference that you will likely never read about in the papers, or see on TV. This one (March 2-4, NYC) is sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a conservative research and education non-profit organization dedicated to “discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.” In keeping with that mission, this conference is open to all sides of the global warming debate, including skeptics.

Actual surveys of climate scientists and recent reviews of the scholarly literature both show the so-called “skeptics” may actually be in the majority of the climate science community. They do not lack scholarly credentials or scientific integrity, but a platform from which they can be heard. Their voices have been drowned out by publicity built upon the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an entity with an agenda to build support for the theory of man-made catastrophic global warming.

The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change is intended to start the process of providing these brave scholars with a competing platform.

Such a forum is unlikely to fit the template that the politicized media endorses, so it will be quietly ignored.

In case you’re wondering, “No funds from energy companies will be used to finance the event.”


3 responses to “2008 International Conference on Climate Change

  1. I was just doing some research about this conference, and encountered your post. I wanted to verify the claim that “no funds from energy companies will be used to finance the event”.

    After some googling, I determined that at least two–Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy–of the conference co-sponsors receive funding from energy companies. I can provide the details of my research if you’re interested.

    I only checked the first five sponsors listed, so it seems likely that there would be other sponsors on the list with support from energy companies.

    Thus, there’s only one degree of separation between this conference and energy companies. That’s not a satisfactory gap for me, and certainly implies a bias. What do you think?

  2. Steve Butterbaugh

    Darren Barefoot makes the error that establishing the facts and evaluating the facts are the same thing. It is entirely possible for someone with a particular interest, say the production of energy, to look at the facts separate from the evaluation of those facts in terms of his interest. To pretend that isn’t possible is a ruse that may intend to drive people to actions that may support a political agenda, but it doesn’t support human life. Reason is man’s basic tool of survival.

  3. Darren also forgets to mention that the UN conference was lead by Al Gore – chairman and part owner of a large carbon offset company and the man behind “global warming” alarmism

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