Which Clinton Are We Voting For?

I’ve not posted any comments about the ongoing fracas between Obama and Billary. I have a growing sense, however, that Bill’s performance in this campaign is going to cost Hillary dearly. Josh Marshall (a passionate Clinton supporter) summarizes the problem perfectly:

With the exception of a few days in early January I’ve gone on the assumption for many months that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. But I think Bill’s actions have greatly diminished her. He has put her back under his shadow where she hasn’t been for years.

For the moment, I doubt either of them is losing much sleep over that. Get through today and then worry about tomorrow. But I think she looks much smaller now. He’s dominating the race. And that makes her look like a weaker figure — something that will not wear well in the general election. And this campaign really suggests this is going to be some sort of co-presidency. When Hillary’s getting knocked around by the folks on the Hill is Bill going to go Larry King to knock her enemies around? Will he be going off to foreign countries on his own little diplomatic missions?

Okay, Hillary’s advisers will somehow push Bill back in his box to keep him quiet for the next few months and minimize this kind of damage. But who really thinks he’ll stay there in a Hillary presidency? Mark my word — if Hillary is elected the next President, Americans will see that office transformed into something ugly. And our nation will pay a price for it.

Think long and hard about this. Are we really ready for a Clinton co-Presidency?

UPDATE: Bruce Feirstein picked up this candid Bill quote in a response to an Obama campaign tactic in Nevada:

“It’s okay. And we’re not hung up about it. And we won anyway. We fought hard. And we won.”

In other words, We are running for president. Not Hillary. Not the junior senator from New York. But We—Bill and Hillary—in a de facto end-run around the 22nd Amendment.

I don’t care what your politics are — that is scary.


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