That Marine Commercial: The Background Story

Earlier I posted a link to the new Marines ad that is getting a lot of attention. Behind this ad is an interesting story — two stories, actually.

First, the Marine Corps has a web site that describes the production details behind the filming of the commercial. The Silent Drill Platoon that starred in the commercial traveled to fifteen locations throughout the U.S. to perform for the ad. The site captures the highlights of their travels, as they met with veterans, families of fellow Marines, high school students, and participated in other civic events.

Second, if you’ve seen the video, you’ll recall that the last scene shows the drill platoon performing near the Golden Gate Bridge. That scene was actually shot first. But that location was a hastily arranged substitute for the original plan: on California Street in downtown San Fransisco. Unfortunately, city bureaucrats nixed the idea because of “traffic control issues.” (Yeah, right.) The Marines finally had to go to a National Park Service location to find a suitable substitute. The rejection by the city stirred up quite a controversy. Oh, one other detail: This segment was filmed on Sept. 11, 2007.


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