Confessions of a Peeping Cube Dweller

Recently I posted about my new cubicle arrangement, which allows me to stand at my computer at the office. Spending the majority of my work day on my feet keeps me active and alert. I love it.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the new digs. I am over six feet tall, and the cube walls are five feet. So most of the time I’m in a position to look over the walls into my neighbors’ cubes. Of course, I don’t — what’s there to see? — but the sight of a tall guy towering over one’s work space is enough to freak out some people.

Yep, someone complained about it. Rather than get Facilities involved in the matter, and turn it into a bureaucratic mess, our department artist used a section of foamboard to fashion a pair of wall extensions. Now I am completely hidden from the offended party, while my basic work environment remains unchanged.

Aside from this little drama, my new work space continues to generate quite a few comments from passersby.


2 responses to “Confessions of a Peeping Cube Dweller

  1. The point of this was to shed a few pounds…how much have you lost after 2 weeks???

  2. Can you believe it?? Six pounds!

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