The Islamification of Great Britain

A British columnist sounds the alarm on the growing threat of Islam to English culture in Great Britain.

Enthusiasts for multi-culturalism continually demand that the indigenous British people show tolerance towards those of other faiths but when it comes to fundamentalist Islam, there is no pressure for this mood of tolerance to be reciprocated.

Islam in Britain could be portrayed as a combination of the outstretched palm of victimhood, begging for official support, and the clenched fist of grievance, threatening violence if demands are not met.

All too often the political establishment has surrendered, dressing up its feebleness as multi-cultural sensiti­vity. But, as the Bishop of Rochester asserts, the outcome of this defeatism has been catastrophic. Civic institutions might blather about “unity in diversity” but, in reality, urban Britain is scarred by divisions. Integration has given way to separatism.

He recounts numerous examples of Muslim culture replacing English culture, and concludes,

Christianity helped to build the safe, tolerant society which for generations has attracted migrants fleeing persecution or squalor. Yet now, as Christian­ity withers, large swathes of our country are starting to replicate the Third World.

This is happening not only in Britain, but all across Europe. And there are dunderheads here in the States who champion the same multicultural claptrap that has gotten Europe to this sorry state.


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