Jesus vs. Mohammad

Saber Point responds to a Muslim critic who claims the Bible predicted the coming of the prophet long before he was born. Saber Point agrees, after a fashion.

I am very well read on the history, life and acts of Muhammad. It is Muslim writings that most strongly describe the evils committed by Muhammad, namely the Hadith. If you read your own histories written by your fellow Muslims you would know the truth of this evil man.

Muhammad mass murdered Jews, assassinated poets and others who criticized him, raped the widows of men he murdered, tortured captives, robbed caravans, held captives for ransom and sold women and children into slavery to fund his false and odious “religion.” His only contributions to the human race are oppression, misery and death. As the Bible says, “by their fruits ye shall know them,” and all of the fruits of Islam are bitter and poisonous. . . .

Your comments about Jesus are ridiculous and absurd. The Bible says nothing about Muhammad, except for when it states that “false prophets will arise, and lead many astray, even the elect.” Muhammad was one of the false prophets predicted by the Bible.

Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead; Muhammad robbed, raped and murdered the defenseless. There is no comparison between the two. Your glorious prophet was nothing more than a common thief, bandit and cutthroat, the very dregs of humanity. I see nothing in the man to be admired or emulated and much to be condemned and shunned, namely, lust, greed, falsity and cruelty. It is time for you Muslims to confront the truth about the man you follow, about the evil of your own societies and the deep pathologies of your religion and culture. The truth will not be pretty.

Powerful stuff. Read the whole thing.


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