Hillary on the Defensive

For a candidate whose nomination was “inevitable” just a short time ago, Hillary Clinton is having trouble maintaining that aura, especially after her poor showing in Iowa. Now, at a large meeting of Democrat supporters with the candidates in New Hampshire, Hillary gets booed, and doesn’t know how to handle it.

A few minutes into her speech she trots out her standard line about how “some people think you get change by demanding it and some people think you get change by hoping for it” (a dig at Edwards and Obama)–there’s actually some booing. It throws her off. After starting the speech upbeat and sunny, she becomes a bit brittle. The response from the audience gets fainter with each applause line until you can actually see the Obama supporters sitting on their hands, their “O” signs resting on their laps.

“We have to pick a president who is ready on day one,” she says, to muted applause from her small contingent. The Obama crowd then waves their signs and begins chanting “Obama! Obama!” while she keeps speaking. It’s a tense moment and Clinton seems rattled by it.

The Clintons are not accustomed to rejection.  It will be interesting to see how she — no, they — deal with this over the next few weeks.


One response to “Hillary on the Defensive

  1. theangryrepublican

    I am really interested in seeing how this plays out..??

    More than likely, the media will not cover the story because they feel sorry for the Clinton’s. The whole thing will fade away.

    Good post..!!

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