A New Dawn for Conservatism?

Bruce Walker reviews the rise of conservative, pro-America governments in Germany, France, and Canada (with a looming conservative change in Britain), and concludes that conservatism may be enjoying a global resurgence.

Public opinion in Germany, Canada, France and Britain show that pro-American conservative leaders are very popular. If conservatives can win in America in 2008, the unity of purpose among and philosophy the major western democracies may be greater than at any time since the end of the Second World War. It could, literally, be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Of course, Walker’s analysis ignores the recent leftward tilt in Australia. But events do seem to suggest a growing concern with the threats against anti-Western values among Western democracies.


One response to “A New Dawn for Conservatism?

  1. Europe saw two things happening: their societies fragmenting under Leftist leaders because their is no single cohesive Leftist movement, and the US simply going about its business and ignoring any input from those Leftist European governments.

    Under the pressure of failure and powerlessness, it’s no surprise that are more Conservative trend would emerge. The instinct for survival is ingrained in our species.

    Of course short-term survival is not the same thing as long-term success, so I cannot judge the merits of the shift.

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