Women in Islam

Columnist Jeff Jacoby documents the horrible treatment of women in Islamic cultures — both in Islamic nations as well as Western nations — and asks, where is the outrage?

All these are only examples – the tip of a dreadful iceberg that will never be demolished until Muslims by the millions rise up against it. As for the rest of us, we too have an obligation to raise our voices.

Two observations here:

First, this is further evidence that Islam is a sick religion. I know, I know — many Muslims will protest that these incidents represent only a radical fringe element, and not the “true” Islam. But look at the correlation between the prevalence of these crimes against women and the role of Islam as official government policy. It is in those countries that are most tightly in the grip of Islamic law (Saudi Arabia, Taliban Afghanistan, Pakistan) that these monstrosities most often occur. Moderate Muslims can protest the charge all they want, but the record is clear: Islam, as the world currently knows it, is an enemy of women.

Second, it is curious that the radical feminists who are so quick to criticize the slightest hint of patriarchy in Western cultures are strangely silent on this subject. By passing by these crimes against their sisters in other cultures, they expose the hypocrisy of their agenda. Others have written extensively about this (here and here).

There is, however, a silver lining behind these dark clouds. As more people become exposed to the barbaric treatment of women in Islamic cultures, and hear the deafening silence of the feminists in response, both Islam and feminism will be forced to either moderate their positions, or face further marginalization. Either path suits me fine.


2 responses to “Women in Islam

  1. Do you even know islam, to even talk about it?You only see what you want to see. And what you see is all the stuff that the media has badmouthed about islam. Islam is like any other religion, which only want its followers to do good. Im islam and im not badmouthing other religions. Don’t hate the religion, hate the person.In real islam, women and men coexist. women have limitation in clothing, men also have limitation in their clothing. This is called aurat. Women are allowed to gain knowledge as much as possible. they are even encourage to study. they are not confined inside the house. Their are rules to ensure the safety of women. Some people( not only islamic people, this include every religion) who are insecure, will make sure their women to stay home, bcoz they are afraid that they will get caught up in drugs, kidnapping and rape. who aren’t concern about this? But some are just too overprotective.

  2. Good Post PoppyPundit.

    I’ve had it with Islamic apologists conveniently ignoring the most egregious excesses committed under Islamic societies and somehow deflecting attention onto something else.

    Notice how the previous comment tries to deflect attention from the point you make. Instead of refuting it, he talks about :

    a. That you don’t know enough about “true islam”.
    b. That “true” islam is somehow majestic and superior.

    Well if it is then it is certainly not in practice anywhere – especially in Islamic countries.

    I have a couple of posts in this regard in my blog. I’ll include the links and invite you to check ’em out.

    1. Don;t blame Islam – its the culture
    2. a href=http://myminddroppings.wordpress.com/2008/12/17/fundamentalists-vs-moderates/”>Fundamentalists and Moderates


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