Fantasy Football — Last Week

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted my fantasy football scores. But since my team made it to the championship game this weekend, I thought I’d retrace the unlikely route to that pinnacle.

I finished the regular season with a record of 6-7 — just barely enough to squeek into the playoffs. The losses along the way were sometimes inexplicable. Three times my team scored triple digits — good enough to win any other week — but my opponents had blowout games and outscored me. In week nine I got the highest score of the whole season for the whole league (145) and won — then the next week I got the second-lowest score (42). Go figure. At this point, my team has the highest Points-Against rating of any team in the league (1325), which is a good indication of the strength of schedule I was playing against.

Of course, that’s what makes fantasy football so much fun. Just like the real games, there are so many imponderables you can’t control. All you can do is watch the debacles unfold in front of your eyes.

Nevertheless, I made it into the playoffs. In the first round, my Steelers defense netted exactly zero points — but Peyton Manning and Chester Taylor had great days, so I edged past my opponent.

In the second round, I was up against the #2 ranked team. In a previous outing earlier in the season, he was undefeated and I beat him. My luck held in this game, too. My players were not all that great, but his team just happened to have an off day.

So now, I’m in the championship game against #1. 11-3 versus 8-7. My opponent has already beaten me handily twice.  No need to project how this one will turn out. Nevertheless, I’ve made some adjustments in my lineup, adding Laurence Maroney and Roydell Williams in an effort to shore up what has been a weakness all season. I may get trounced, but at least I’ll go down swinging.

I’ll let you know how the game turns out.


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