The Pointy-Haired Boss Lives

Millions of employees across America (including me) faithfully follow the Dilbert comic strip. One of the great appeals of the strip is its depiction of clueless management, personified by Dilbert’s Pointed-Haired Boss. Every employee can relate to Dilbert’s frustration dealing with a corporate leadership that just doesn’t get it. Just walk through a typical cubicle farm in any office and count how many Dilbert comic strips are posted on the walls. Dilbert is the patron saint of office workers everywhere.

Which makes this story all the more funny. A casino in Des Moines fired David Steward for posting a Dilbert comic strip on the office wall. They found the message of the strip to be “very offensive.” Steward filed suit to get his unemployment benefits, and won.

The casino’s action serves only to reinforce the basic message of Dilbert: Management can become so convinced of their own self-importance they forget their humanity. People who cannot laugh at themselves generally make poor leaders.


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