Steyn Alone — Or Is He?

Last year Mark Steyn published a blockbuster political tome, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, a well-researched look into the demographic trends behind the rise of global Islam, especially in Europe. The book was a bestseller here in America, and in Canada, Mark’s home.

An excerpt from Mark’s book was published in Maclean’s, a leading Canadian news magazine. Now the Canadian Islamic Congress has pressured a couple of Canada’s human rights commissions (one national, one provincial) into reviewing whether the civil rights of Muslims in Canada have been violated by the publishing of this article.

Mark’s response:

I can defend myself if I have to. But I shouldn’t have to.

If the Canadian Islamic Congress wants to disagree with my book, fine. Join the club. But, if they want to criminalize it, nuts. That way lies madness. . . .

The “progressive” left has grown accustomed to the regulation of speech, thinking it just a useful way of sticking it to Christian fundamentalists, right-wing columnists, and other despised groups. They don’t know they’re riding a tiger that in the end will devour them, too.

Well spoken. Free speech applies to everyone, or it applies to no one. Once we let government get in the business of deciding who can say what, we have surrendered our most basic human right. And sooner or later, that loss will be used against us.

Judging from some posts on Mark’s website, maybe a few Canadians are beginning to wake up to what is happening in their country. But it will be an uphill battle.


One response to “Steyn Alone — Or Is He?

  1. Please America, look to your north and be careful what you wish/vote for….

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