Promoting the Military in the Academy

This is long overdue.

Finally, the Pentagon is using some smart P.R. to get out the message of what the military is accomplishing in Iraq. And they’re getting that message out, of all places, on university campuses.

The “Why We Serve” program . . .

. . . sends recently returned veterans across the country to share their decisions to join the military and their experiences abroad with the public. The program started with presentations to mostly small community groups but branched out this fall to college campuses.

The vets encounter an occasional hostile question and snooty professor complaining about the the “one-sided” nature of the presentations (as if the other side is not represented on today’s campuses??). But overall, the response has been positive. At a recent event at Syracuse University,

The program ended with a lengthy standing ovation from most of the crowd.

“I feel like there is another side that everyone needs to hear,” said Samantha Wilder, a Syracuse freshman from Williamsburg, Va. “There are pictures we never see. There’s a side we never see.”

Thanks to these programs, students are now able to see that other side.


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