Murtha Stumbles, Pelosi Squeezes

Rep. John Murtha, just back from Iraq, blurted out an honest impression about what he saw during his trip: “The surge is working.”

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with the Diva on the Hill, Nancy Pelosi, so she got to him, and Murtha hastily repaired the damage in a follow-up statement: “The fact remains that the war in Iraq cannot be won militarily, and that we must begin an orderly redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq as soon as practicable.”

So all is right with the world again: We are winning the war in Iraq, and the Democrats are digging themselves deeper into their defeatist hole. Gotta love it.


One response to “Murtha Stumbles, Pelosi Squeezes

  1. Yes, good job! Murtha has upset many Dems in D.C. you can put money on it!


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