Here Comes the Sun

With apologies to the Beatles . . .

The sun continues to attract more attention as the primary suspect in the earth’s current warming. Steven Milloy highlights several recent scholarly studies that point to sun spot activity — not human malfeasance — as the dominant contributor to climate change.

In fact, the evidence further supports the scenario of a looming period of global cooling.

As you can see from this graph of solar activity since the mid-18th century, low sunspot activity matches up nicely with well-known Little Ice Age climatic events like George Washington’s Christmas-night 1776 crossing of the ice-strewn Delaware River and Napoleon Bonaparte’s retreat from Moscow in the horrifically-cold winter of 1812-1813. . . .

If sunspot activity continues to be so markedly low, then we should prepare for the possibility of a significant global cooling trend that could reduce agricultural yields and bring on the sort of food shortages that occurred during the Little Ice Age.

Scientists in Russia are already worrying about that prospect.

However, I doubt that any of this will get the attention of the climate revelers researchers meeting in Bali next week.


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