Global Warming Fruitcakes

There was a news report recently about a woman in Great Britain who had an abortion and was sterilized in order to spare the planet the burden of supporting any more evil humans. Unlike the rest of us who are selfishly making babies and despoiling the globe, she rests easy at night, knowing that her carbon footprint treads softly on the earth.

Kathleen Parker begs to differ:

The couples who choose abortion and sterilization may not save the planet, but they’re saving the gene pool a mess o’ trouble by purging their own from the mix. The Darwin Awards folks, who honor those who improve the species by accidentally removing themselves from it, will have to create a new category:

People Too Narcissistic To Procreate.

This one isn’t hard to figure out. Let this woman’s “unselfish” act become the norm for a couple of generations, and what will happen to the human race? These people have made Planet Earth their god, and are willing to sacrifice the entire race on the altar of environmental consciousness.


One response to “Global Warming Fruitcakes

  1. I think this story is hysterical. I’d thank them for removing themselves from the gene pool permanently, if they didn’t couch it in “concern for the planet” instead of the more accurate “hatred of humanity.”
    Mac Johnson (BRILLIANT!) has a great article on this here.

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