A Peek at Hillary-Care

Want to know what Hillary’s nationalized healthcare would look like once implemented? Then read a Canadian mother’s personal experience with her nation’s health care system:

I am the mother of a child with asthma. When my son had difficulty breathing randomly through the winter, I sought treatment. First I made an appointment with my doctor (2 week waiting time) so I could obtain a referral to a specialist. (In Canada you cannot just go to a specialist, you must get a referral from the gatekeepers: family doctors. Oh, and about 5 million Canadians don’t have one of those.) It took about six weeks for the specialist to get back to me with how long I’d have to wait for my son’s appointment: 12 months. Did I mention that periodically he couldn’t breathe?

Her experience is not an abberration. That’s the norm in a system where nobody pays but everybody gets coverage. The quality of service goes down for everyone.

Socialist Canadian health care is wonderful if you are an emergency case. If you can wait, trust me, you will.


One response to “A Peek at Hillary-Care

  1. I think we all have to make sacrifices for the general good of everyone.

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