Untangling the Hook-Up Culture

Kathleen Parker offers yet another endorsement of Miriam Grossman’s campaign to expose the health risks of the current hook-up culture on college campuses. The empirical evidence for the physical and emotional damage of hooking up, especially in young women, is so overwhelming that there must be some reason university health professionals are pretending it doesn’t exist.

Grossman is most concerned that politically correct ideology has contaminated the health field at great cost to young lives. As Grossman sees it, when the scientific facts contradict what is being promoted as truth, then ideology has trumped reality. . . .

Because sex ed is based on the assumption that young people are sexually active with multiple partners, kids have been led to believe by mainstream health professionals that casual sex is OK. That’s a delusion, says Grossman, because scientific data clearly indicate otherwise. Casual sex is, in fact, a serious health risk.

Rather than spread that word, sex educators have tweaked their message from urging “safe sex” to a more realistic “safer sex,” any elaboration of which would defy standards of decency. . . .

Parker notes that young coeds are beginning to wake up to the hoax, and are longing for the quaint old days of dating and developing emotional trust with a potential mate — without sex.

Grossman has written a book on the subject that should be read by every young woman before going off to college: Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student.


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