Putting a Cap on Global Warming

Regular readers of this blog know that I frequently link to contrarian articles on the global warming debate, if only to remind everyone that there is still a debate going on.

There is an excellent clearinghouse of information on climate change that should be on your must-read list: ICECAP — the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project.

ICECAP acknowledges a dynamic climate, and a human role in climate change, but also disseminates evidence that natural cycles in the sun and oceans play a role, too.

We worry the sole focus on greenhouse gases and the unwise reliance on imperfect climate models while ignoring real data may leave civilization unprepared for a sudden climate shift that history tells us will occur again, very possibly soon. . . .

ICECAP is not funded by large corporations that might benefit from the status quo but by private investors who believe in the need for free exchange of ideas on this and other important issues of the day. Our working group is comprised of members from all ends of the political spectrum. This is not about politics but about science.

That can’t be said regarding the IPCC, whose members are largely appointed by governments, and have a vested interest in the outcome of the debate.

Be sure to check out their compendium of FAQs and Myths concerning global warming.


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