Blacklisted Actors

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the – – – – –  Party?”

Joseph McCarthy made that question famous a half-century ago, in his eagerness to root out Communists in Hollywood.

Today, the tables have been turned 180 degrees, and it is Republicans in Hollywood who are being outed, shunned, and blacklisted.  The question is the same, only the Party affiliation is different.

The vicious approach of the left, one that stifles speech while pretending to endorse the very freedoms they crush if they can’t get everyone to goose-step with them, keeps those celebrities who don’t politically agree with them quiet for fear of their careers being stifled, if not altogether ruined. It’s a photo negative of the anti-communist blacklisting of the fifties.

However, as Pilgrim notes, there may be hope — the steady stream of anti-war movies that the Hollywood lefties have been churning out lately have all flopped badly. Maybe this will embolden the few conservatives to step forward and produce movies that better resonate with the spirit of the American populace.


One response to “Blacklisted Actors

  1. I’m movin to the arctic, I can’t take it anymore…

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