Zero Tolerance Nazis — Public Education Strikes Again

Maybe there are some details here that I don’t know about, but this incident really takes the cake. In Mascoutah, Illinois:

Megan Coulter, an eighth-grade student at Mascoutah Middle School, was hugging her friends goodbye after school Friday when vice principal, Randy Blakely, saw her and told her she would receive two after-school detentions.

Blakely had previously warned Coulter that she was in violation of the school’s policy on public displays of affection after she was seen hugging a student at a football game.

The school’s policy says that “displays of affection should not occur on the campus at any time.” . . .

Mascoutah Superintendent Sam McGowen said today that the district’s policy helps prevent misunderstandings and unwelcome expressions of affection.

Zero tolerance policies have become all the rage in school districts, who use them to deal with contraband weapons, drugs, and — as in Mascoutah — displays of affection. But while they remove the responsibility for educators to actually think about anything, they end up backfiring, punishing kids for the most innocent childish behaviors and creating a firestorm of ill-will.

Charles Sykes documents a number of such cases of zero tolerance run amok, and concludes with this thought:

“Nature,” as H.L. Mencken once observed, “abhors a moron.” The same obviously cannot be said of school boards, who often hire them as principals.

And all this time, I thought conservatives were intolerant control freaks.


One response to “Zero Tolerance Nazis — Public Education Strikes Again

  1. I dont know much, But I’m damned sure I’d rather see an outbreak of hugging in American schools than the current epidemic of shootings. Who puts these idiots in charge of children?

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