Candidate Clinton — Uh, Which Clinton??

Earlier we quoted Krauthammer on the likelihood of a genuine co-Presidency if Hillary is elected President. There is real concern over which Clinton would be wielding power.

That confusion is already manifesting itself in the campaign. Hillary’s Democratic primary opponents are criticizing Bill for his defense of his wife’s performance in last week’s debate. An AP report  gives the details:

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, another candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, called the Clintons’ response to the debate “outrageous.”

“To have the former president come out and suggest this is a form of swift boating … is way over the top in my view,” Dodd said in a telephone interview.

A senior adviser to Sen. Clinton’s campaign, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said the former president’s remarks were not part of campaign strategy and in fact were considered counterproductive by the her advisers.

But Bill Clinton is a powerful advocate in the Democratic primary, and he is returning to the all-important first-voting state of Iowa Thursday to campaign on his wife’s behalf. Roughly half of respondents to recent polls say they approve of him, and even more say looking back they approve of how he ran the White House.

Now, tell me again — which Clinton is running for President?? I’m confused.


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