Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel

Hillary Clinton’s waffling performance in Tuesday’s debate is widely considered to be a serious blunder. But as Blake Dvorak points out, there could be a deeper problem for her campaign:

More significant, however, is what the gaffe has revealed about Clinton and her campaign. Following Russert’s second attempt at an answer, Clinton appeared visibly annoyed and began by talking about “gotcha politics.” And as her voice rose, rival campaign strategists’ eyebrows rose in unison: If you corner her, they must have been thinking, she loses a lot of her grace.

You can bet that the other candidates’ campaign managers will be analyzing this incident and looking for opportunities to take advantage of this weakness. They will have to be careful not to appear to be ganging up on the girl, but if they push just the right buttons, they can get her to self-destruct.


One response to “Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel

  1. The evil that is Hillary is simply not acccustomed to being questioned. I wish we could have read her thoughts when she was cornered. It would have made for some great comedy I am sure.

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