Another Boomer Myth Bites the Dust

Career expert Penelope Trunk presents evidence that Generation X’ers are rejecting the myth that parents can “have it all” — two high-demand careers, and kids.

Generation X knows that the belief that both parents in a family can have demanding, time-consuming careers outside the home is an antiquated one. Time has shown that it just doesn’t work.

Sure, girls can grow up to be anything, and boys can start companies and become millionaires. But there’s a limitation that no one talks about: Two parents working more than 60 hours a week each is bad for the marriage and bad for the kids.

Thanks to Gen X, the power-couple-as-parents setup will likely go down in history as just another terrible idea conceived by baby boomers.

The Gen X approach is more balanced: One full-time career, and one (ususally Mom) part-time, with plenty of room to devote to raising the kids. The result? Families that may not be quite as wealthy, but are a whole lot happier.


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