Kansas: Battleground in the Global Warming Debate

While I was out last week, the state of Kansas killed a permit for a coal-fired generator in the southwest corner of the state, specifically due to concerns over carbon dioxide emissions.

Noel Shepherd summarizes the news reports on this decision, and explores the ominous implications:

If we begin preventing the creation of coal-fired plants, and continue eschewing nuclear facilities, how are Americans going to power their homes, offices, warehouses, and stores? This should be an even greater concern in our current global economy, for China and India aren’t worried about such environmental issues.

Those losing sleep over the exportation of manufacturing jobs, as well as the already unfair economic and trade advantages these two growing behemoths enjoy, should be totally insomniac over the thought of China and India expanding their electricity production unfettered by carbon emissions concerns while America’s output declines due to global warming fears.


One response to “Kansas: Battleground in the Global Warming Debate

  1. Bravo! We are the only ones playing by any rules, and it is going to cause us trouble down the road, the signs are already showing. Thanks Algore! I posted a wonderful article over at D=E about Algore and his BS…

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