“Freedom of Speech!” — Unless You’re Conservative

Cal Thomas documents numerous cases of how “freedom of speech” is practiced on university campuses when a conservative speaker is giving the speech. Curiously, the same standard is not applied to liberal speakers, or even an avowed enemy of our way of life, like Ahmadinejad.

Thomas calls for more even-handed treatment:

Before we allow more of our enemies into America and give them a freedom unknown in their own countries, we should at least demand reciprocity. Their president gets to speak in America? Our president gets to speak in Iran.

Their president has access to our media? Our president should have access to their media. And while we’re at it, how about for every liberal who gets to speak on campus, the school must also invite a conservative.

I’m not holding my breath. Although I sense that some of the students are beginning to get fed up with the hypocrisy.


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