The Business Impact of Climate Hysteria

An editorial in the Las Vegas Review Journal draws attention to two recent incidents that highlight the political chicanery — rather than reasoned science — that is driving the current global warming debate, and the financial impact of this hysteria on American business.

Make no mistake, elected officials will continue to try to use global warming fears to increase their own power. The public must insist that this debate take place in venues of their choosing, not in the back rooms of heavy-handed government bureaucracies.


One response to “The Business Impact of Climate Hysteria

  1. What debate? If it’s about the existence, magnitude, and effects of human-caused climate change, then the “debate” should take place in peer-reviewed scientific journals, where it’s been long-settled. Policy discussions, of course, should be held in political venues.

    The author should be more concerned about elected officials using terrorism fears to increase their own power.

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